5 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve Success In Business and Life

The #1 reason people fail to achieve success and abundance in MLM or in life is they have too much pain linked to having, it. Obscured somewhere deep in the mind, possibly even hidden deep in the sub-conscious, there is this powerful negative association that lingers. These negative associations manifest themselves in various conscious and subconscious ways, that include: self-sabotage, approach avoidance, fear, anxiety, or general disinterest towards wealth, success, and achievement. Often people are not even aware they are suffering with such an affliction. They never seem to get clear with their heart about what they really, really want, and they never begin to germinate their intentions. If you don't address these issues they will dog you every step of the way throughout your life as you wonder why you feel less than abundant, less than happy, less than fulfilled. This "comfort zone" is designed as a survival mechanism but it maybe setting your success level thermostatically far below what you really want in life. If you knew how restrictive your comfort zone can be you probably wouldn't refer to it as comfortable at all. I know it is ironic but it is the way your brain functions.
The only way to effectively overcome this obstacle if you suffer from it is to reset your inner success thermostat for success and abundance. A good MLM company, system, or sponsor will be of supreme benefit here. You have to eliminate the obstacles to your success in this industry. Get to work enlisting a competent trainer and get yourself to the mental gym.. The only thing you have to lose is your chance of success.
The #2 reason people fail wildly successful in life and in our industry is they refuse to make their reasons why a burning desire! The Compelling Reason Why isn't there. A compelling reason why is both the heart and the heartbeat that sends blood and oxygen rushing to every essential success muscle in your body. It's the fire that burns within. Without blood and oxygen your success will atrophy and die! Without this fire to heat you you'll freeze to death on the icy plains and never reach the Promised Land. You must find your compelling reason why and become willing to pursue it with unbending intent. This is why doing a compelling reason why exercise is so vitally important.
The #3 reason people fail to reach success in MLM and in life is they have no definite plan or there is no proven strategy being employed to take you there. Elements of the success equation are missing entirely or at least in part in their plans. Not having a formula, system, or effective plan to follow is the equivalent to going nowhere fast! If you are happy going nowhere, that's fine. But if you are simply unwilling to invest in yourself, and your business, and go to the necessary lengths, don't kid yourself. Your success is simply not important enough for you to make any significant lasting headway. Until your success and abundance becomes important enough, you will continue down the same road, achieving the same similar results as you are accustomed to.
The #4 reason people fail at success and abundance in life and in MLM is that they don't follow through by taking the right kind of consistent daily actions. Momentum never gets established. Daily focused right action is required. Even baby steps in the right direction established as a daily habit accomplish a great deal more over time than short bursts of achievement. Short unsustained bursts are a "rabbit-habit" not a success habit. The effect of baby steps sustained over time far outweigh the effects of more infrequent bursts of intense accomplishment. Consistent small baby steps are building the habits necessary overall to succeed. The tortoise beats the hare when it comes to success.
The #5 reason why people fail to achieve great wealth and success is that they let setbacks along the way derail the process. They are the MLM whiners who after 90 days in the business are ready to quit due to some adversity on the roadway toward success. They turn setbacks into crisis and then allow these to become their downfall. Business, financial, or life setbacks and crises must be turned into opportunities for growth and valor. They must be weathered. You can do this, but it requires faith and a positive mental attitude. It requires training. You must absorb the lesson that life is presenting to you, and you will grow. You must realize you are on the right path. You must learn to treat all failures as educational opportunities, and learn to discern the messages and meanings in them. Turning your back or quitting won't help. It simply won't fix it.
Try not to take it all too personally. Accept the fact that these learning opportunities will come, and develop the attitude necessary to prosper when they do. Success is built upon a thousand foolish blunders; failures turned into experience, fortitude, and know-how. The most successful people have also made the most mistakes - so why should you be thinking you're different- like you're born into special circumstances or something? I'm not trying to scare you... I'm just trying to inoculate you a little so when the inevitable setbacks come you're not alarmed or taken out of the game entirely. You see the key is to grow in wisdom, independence, and experience. Realize that when setbacks and disappointment comes it is another benchmark, a milestone along the road to success. Learn not to be afraid to stumble, blunder and do it again if necessary to gain another priceless piece of the puzzle. Realize now that mistakes, hardships, and failures are a part of the process - not the end. Don't quit and don't whine about things, instead gain the mindset and fortitude of a true entrepreneur. Get right down to where the rubber meets the road and accept this philosophy as it pertains to your own journey toward successful entrepreneurship, wealth and abundance.

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